Aluminium Awnings


Protect your home from harsh Australian weather with aluminium awnings for your windows. Keep your home cool in summer, sheltered from excess light, and resilient to the elements of wind and rain. BHI has a wide range of aluminium awnings including fixed and adjustable awnings that allow you to control the light and air that enters your home.
Of course, we have a complete selection of powder coated colours available for you to choose from, ensuring there’s something for every property.

Whether you’re after something stylish and colourful, or something practical to block out the afternoon sun, Budget Home Improvements has the aluminium awning that’s right for you. Contact our experienced team today to get a quote.
Aluminium Awnings - Pottsville, NSW
Adjustable aluminium louvre awnings (Trinidad)
The most effective awnings for heat control and sun protection. This awning can block out over 90% of the sun’s heat and you can simply open the panels to control the amount of light and breeze. The panels can also be opened fully to allow almost uninterrupted views, or you can close them for maximum protection and privacy.
Fixed Awnings - Pottsville, NSW
Fixed aluminium louvre awnings (Trinidad)
These provide total convenience, where the panels are angled at a fixed position to offer the best compromise between sun protection, cooling breezes and views. There is a range of colours to match your exterior colour.
Vertical Awnings - Pottsville, NSW
Vertical stripe aluminium hood awning (Caribbean)
These are a durable curved aluminium panel with the under structure finished in gloss white. This awning is available in a range of colour combinations, side trim panels or closed sides to suit your requirements. The vertical stripe awning reflects the natural light and is very low maintenance.
Horizontal Awnings - Pottsville, NSW
Horizontal aluminium hood awning (Kingston)
A click lock system with an attractive under structure. Panels run the full width with a maximum span of 4.2m. Available in a wide range of modern and traditional colours to choose from to suit your colour scheme.